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Obtain notarized declaration of compliance  (1) expand_more expand_less
Obtain certificate of incorporation online  (4) expand_more expand_less
Obtain company tax identification number (TIN)  (3) expand_more expand_less
Obtain tax clearance certificate  (2) expand_more expand_less
Obtain business licence  (6) expand_more expand_less
Register for VAT  (2) expand_more expand_less
Register for social security scheme  (2) expand_more expand_less
Apply for OSHA Certificate of registration  (4) expand_more expand_less
Obtain OSHA Workplace inspection Report/Certificate  (5) expand_more expand_less
Obtain WCF certificate of registration  (2) expand_more expand_less

Submit request and obtain notarized documents
(last modified: 22/04/2019)

Contact details

Entity in charge

Public Notary

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List of advocates up to June 2014 List of advocates up to June 2014

Expected results

Notarized declaration of Compliance (form14b)
Notarized memorandum and articles of association x2
Notarized lease agreement


1. Declaration of compliance form (form14b)
Declaration of compliance form (form14b) (original)
2. 01 - Libre deuda de patente
Lease agreement (Simple copy)
to be used during payment of stamp duty (step number 6).
3. Memorandum and Articles of Association or charter or statutes
Memorandum and Articles of Association or charter or statutes (2 original )
4. 01 - Libre deuda de patente
Certified Passport (original)
Physical presence
of all the shareholders of the company to be formed or their authorized representatives
In addition, for an authorized representative
1. 01 - Libre deuda de patente
Power of attorney (an authentic copy)
2. 01 - Libre deuda de patente
Certified Passport (Simple copy)

Cost TZS  50,000

USD expand_more expand_less
  • USD Add Name Here
TZS 10,000
notarization fee for Memorandum and Articles of association
TZS 30,000
notarization fee for 3 copies of lease agreement
TZS 10,000
notarization fee for Declaration of compliance form form14b
Payment methods: cash

Time frame

Waiting time in queue: min   5mn - max  20mn
Attention at counter: min   5mn - max   15mn

Legal justification

1. Company Act 2002
Company Act 2002
Article s.16
2. Notary Public Act 1928
Notary Public Act 1928
Article s.3
3. Advocates Act 1955
Advocates Act 1955
articles ss.6, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18

Additional information

The Advocates act of 1972 provides guidelines for fees but are not always applied by lawyers as the fees are considered to be outdated. New regulation setting clear rules for fees is being passed but have not yet come into effect. The notary fees mentioned on this step are estimates based on current practice.

It is mandatory to notarize the articles and memorandum of association for authentication before submitting them to Business Registration Licencing Authority (BRELA).

Prior to hiring a public notary to certify documents, users are advised to verify with Tanganyika Law Society (TLS) whether the he/she is still authorized to practice.

Recourse: Tanganyika Law Society (TLS)

Entity in charge

Tanganyika Law Society (TLS)

Plot No. 391 Chato Street Regent Estate , Dar es Salaam P.O. Box 2148
Tel: +255 222 775 313
Fax: +255 222 775 314

Unit in charge

Programme officers unit

Mon: 08:00 - 17:00
Tue: 08:00 - 17:00
Wed: 08:00 - 17:00
Thu: 08:00 - 17:00
Fri: 08:00 - 17:00

Person in charge

Amadeus Shayo

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