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Obtain sapling certification  (3) expand_more expand_less
Pay for Audit fees  (1) expand_more expand_less
Audit and certification  (3) expand_more expand_less

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Resumen del procedimento

Institutions involved 3 expand_more expand_less

Responsible Tourism Tanzania (x 5)
Exim Bank Tanzania Ltd
Customer facility (RTTZ)

Results 3 expand_more expand_less

Certificate of compliance RTTZ
Certification Logo (RTTZ)
Listed among certified businesses on website
Inclusion in website for certified businesses

Required Documents expand_more expand_less

Certificate of incorporation (BRELA)
Certified TIN certificate
Business Licence
Tourism Licence
VAT certificate
OSHA certificate
EIA Certificate
Social security certificate
TFDA Certificate
Fire Certificate
Sustainability policy
Health and safety policy
Human Resource policy
Enviromental Management Policy
Historical and cultural heritage policy
Sexual exploitation of children policy
Purchasing policy
Corporate Social Responsibility policy
Declaration letter of compliance
Compliance criteria checklist
Compliance criteria checklist
Filled and signed compliance criteria cheklist
Filled and signed compliance criteria cheklist
RTTZ Account number Exim Bank
Bank slip (exim Bank)
RTTZ Audit Report
RTTZ Audit Report
Terms and conditions for using RTTZ logos

Estimated cost US Dollar  1,200

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TZS expand_more expand_less
  • TZS Add Name Here
This is an estimate based on a series of assumptions which you can modify to calculate your own costs:

Detalle de costos

Calcule sus costos

US Dollar 0 -
US Dollar  75 por 
Auditor's travel facilitation charges per day
US Dollar 100
Audit fee
US Dollar 200
Audit fee
US Dollar 250
Audit fee
US Dollar 300
Audit fee
US Dollar 350
Audit fee

Total Duration 10días - 110días  expand_more expand_less

  Min. Max.
Duración total: 10días 110días
de la cual:
Espera en fila: 0mn 10mn
Atención en ventanilla: 4h. 15mn 7h. 35mn
Entre pasos: 9días 109días

Laws 8 expand_more expand_less

Audit terms and conditions RTTZ Audit terms and conditions RTTZ
Compliance criteria for certification (RTTZ) Compliance criteria for certification (RTTZ)
Global codes of conduct for responsible tourism Global codes of conduct for responsible tourism
List of required documents for application (RTTZ) List of required documents for application (RTTZ)
Responsible Tourism standards (RTTZ) Responsible Tourism standards (RTTZ)
RTT Certification guide RTTZ Certification guide Audit fees section
RTTZ Certification Guide RTTZ Certification Guide
Tourism act 2008 Tourism act 2008
  Sections 3, 21
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